Open Burning & Fireworks

Open Burning

Open burning is unlawful within the cooperate limits of the town except for the following:

  • Fires built for cooking
  • Fires built for warmth
  • Bonfires
  • Pushup fires built for land clearing

For Cooking & Warmth

Fires built for cooking and warmth must be in an approved container, have an adequate method of extinguishment present, be constantly attended by a responsible adult and meet other requirements found in the “Fire Code”.

Bonfires & Land Clearing

Bonfires and fires used for land clearing are authorized by permit only and shall meet all requirements of the Fire Code, State Clean Air Act and requirements of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).

Burning Bans

In the event that the state fire marshal issues a state wide burning ban or the county fire marshal issues a county wide burning ban, all burning permits issued by the town shall be null and void. Any fires burning by an issued permit must be extinguished until such time as the ban is lifted.


The fire official shall order any fire extinguished that is determined not to be in compliance with the Fire Code or town ordinance.


The possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling, and use of fireworks within the town are prohibited by the Fire Code except for those allowed by the State of North Carolina.

Legal Fireworks

Manufactured fireworks that are legal in North Carolina are those classified as the following:

  • Sparklers
  • Fountains
  • Smoke Devices
  • Snakes and Glow Worms
  • Trick Noise Makers
  • Toy Pistol Caps

Illegal Fireworks

Those classified as illegal in North Carolina are :

  • Explosive Fireworks
  • Aerial Fireworks
  • Roman Candles
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Firecrackers
  • Similar Devices

Essentially, if the firework explodes or leaves the ground it is illegal to have in this state. If you have traveled to another state to purchase fireworks, they are probably illegal here.

Seizure of Illegal Fireworks
The fire official may seize or cause to be seized any fireworks from any person or premises where it is determined that the fireworks are illegal in nature.

Every year, the fire department responds to incidents where illegal fireworks have caused injury or property damage. This can make those individuals using the fireworks liable. Don’t become a statistic; if you have any questions regarding fireworks, please feel free to contact the fire department at 910-424-0948.