Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment and selection, position classification and compensation, benefit management, policy administration, personnel records management, workers' compensation administration. Family and Medical Leave Act administration, employee relations and wellness initiative management.


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The Human Resources Department administers the recruitment and selection of applicants for full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal vacancies. Vacancies are posted as they open. We only accept applications for open positions and an application must be submitted for each position that an applicant would like to be considered for.

Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action

The Town of Hope Mills is dedicated to equality of opportunity. Accordingly, we do not practice or condone discrimination, in any form, against employees or applicants on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, political affiliation or mental or physical abilities except where physical or mental abilities, sex, or age are legitimate occupational qualifications. We are subject to, and comply with, the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Identity & Employment Eligibility

If employed, you must submit proof of identity and eligibility for legal employment by your third day of work. Contact the Human Resources Department for a complete list of acceptable documents (examples of the most commonly used documents include a valid driver's license, a social security card and/or an original birth certificate).

Job Classification & Pay

Positions with similar duties and responsibilities are assigned the same job classification, salary grade, and range. Starting salaries are based on the selected applicant's relevant training and experience, labor-market considerations, internal salary equity, and the availability of funds.

Overtime Compensation Agreement

Consistent with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is the town’s policy to compensate non-exempt employees for overtime work with compensatory time off or overtime pay. If employed in a non-exempt position, I agree to accept, at the discretion of the town, either compensatory time off or overtime pay, as appropriate compensation for overtime work that I may be required to perform as an employee of the Town of Hope Mills.