Message from the Chief

I am honored to serve the people of Hope Mills by leading the Hope Mills Police Department. The men and women of our agency, both sworn and civilian, are a group of dedicated professionals who are personally responsible for making the Town of Hope Mills a safe and great place to live, work, and visit. They deserve all of the credit for the accomplishments of the Hope Mills Police Department, and I thank them for their tireless service to the community. 

The Town of Hope Mills is a fast-growing community. My goal as Chief of Police is to ensure our department is well prepared to meet the challenges of such growth and to let you know what we are currently doing, and what you can expect us to do in the future to provide quality service to you. 

First, we will work to continue to build trusting relationships and partnerships with community stakeholders. You can expect our community engagement team to take a more active role by attending community events and working with community organizations. We cannot accomplish our mission without the help of our community members. 

Second, we have already taken steps to enhance the use of technology to increase our effectiveness and efficiency. Technology will be a major focus of our agency. 

Next, you can expect a proactive approach to addressing quality of life, crime, and traffic issues affecting our town. Officers will work relentlessly to send a strong message that conduct which interferes with the peace and tranquility of our residents will not be tolerated. 

We will also partner with our elected officials, other town departments, and our colleagues at local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to improve the quality of service we deliver to our communities. 

Additionally, we will have a strong presence on social media and community engagement sites. Our department website will be maintained to provide the most updated information. It is our goal to keep you informed and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on how we are doing. 

Furthermore, we will be transparent. Any and all complaints will be investigated and will be appropriately addressed. When we are wrong, we will accept responsibility and work to correct our mistakes. That being said, when our officers perform appropriately, they will be firmly supported. 

Finally, we will not accept mediocrity or status quo. We will be forward thinking, always looking for ways to make us better to improve our agency and the service it provides to you. 

In closing, I am excited to be part of the Hope Mills community and such a professional organization. I look forward to working with all of you. Together, we will keep Hope Mills the great place it is as it grows and prospers. 


Stephen F. Dollinger
Chief of Police