Garbage Curbside Collection

Waste Management Trash Pick-Up Schedules:

Yard Waste

Requirements for Pickup

  • Yard waste must be containerized. NO BAGGED YARD WASTE.
  • Mulch can be picked up with yard waste but must not be mixed with any rocks, and must also be in a yard waste container.
  • Any yard waste mixed with regular refuse will not get picked until refuse is removed. This is a Cumberland County Landfill rule and the town can get fined for not complying.
  • Piles of limbs must be of a size 5' (feet) X 5' (feet) x 3' (feet) or less for weekly pickup at no additional charge. Any piles exceeding this limit but less than a full load are considered charge piles at a fee of $17.50 per pickup. 
  • If the size of the pile is 10'  X 10'  X 5' or more it will be considered a full load with a fee of $35 per unit. (One full load unit equals a pile that is 10' X 10' X 5').
Leaves & Limbs
We all know that during the fall season more vegetative debris accumulates. There is a drop-off site by Camden Road which has a container where residents can drop off excess vegetative debris at no additional cost.