Town Manager, Chancer F. McLaughlin

The Town manager is appointed by the Mayor and Town Board and serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. The Manager is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Town and ordinances adopted by the Town Board. The manager is responsible for the operation of all Town departments and for the appointment of all employees, with the exception of the Town Attorney who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

The Town Manager serves as Budget Officer and prepares and submits a recommended annual budget to the Board of Commissioners for their consideration each year. In addition, the Manager recommends policies and programs to the Board of Commissioners throughout the year to address community needs.

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Town Clerk, Ashley S. Wyatt, CMC, NCCMC

The Town clerk serves as a liaison between the citizens and elected officials and provides support to the Mayor and Town Board. The Town Clerk is the official custodian of public records and keeps a journal of the proceedings of the meetings of the Board.

The Clerk’s office is responsible for advertising all public hearings and providing notification to property owners, where applicable.

The Clerk works with the various Boards and Commissions to which the Board of Commissioners makes appointments. Persons who desire to serve on any one of the many Boards and Commissions may obtain an application from the Town Clerk.

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Town Attorney

The Town Attorney provides legal services to the governing body, Town Manager, and other officials. He attends regular Town Board meetings to provide legal advice and reviews ordinances, contracts, and other legal documents.


Deputy Town Clerk/ Executive Assistant

Coronda Regan

The Deputy Town Clerk serves as the Town Clerk in his or her absence. This dual role rotates support between the Town Manager and the Town Clerk. They are also the point of contact for all official press releases from the Town.

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