911, Communications & Fire Alarms


To report an emergency in Cumberland County, one needs to simply dial 9-1-1 to access Fire, Rescue, EMS, or Law Enforcement services.

Town emergency services are dispatched by the county’s consolidated emergency communications center located at the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) in downtown Fayetteville. The county uses Enhanced 9-1-1 (E 9-1-1) which allows telecommunicators the ability to ring back someone who has dialed 9-1-1 and hung up. It also allows telecommunicators to see the location where the 9-1-1 call is coming from even if the caller is unable to speak; providing that a hard wired telephone service is being used. On occasion, citizens have called the fire department to report an emergency; although this is acceptable, we strongly encourage citizens to call 9-1-1 due to the possibility that we are already on a call away from the station and will not be there to answer the phone.


The primary radio communications used by all emergency services in Cumberland County is via an 800 MHz radio system. This gives all emergency responders in this county interoperability that enables Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement agencies the ability to communicate with each other via radio.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms give early warning to building occupants and to fire department resources that a fire may exist. Even though this is a valuable tool, it only works if it operates properly which requires maintenance and servicing. To cut down on false fire alarms, the town has adopted a nuisance fire alarm ordinance. If a fire alarm falsely activates more than three times within a calendar year, the property owner will be assessed a fine for each additional alarm. No fee will be assessed if the cause of the false alarm is attributed to physical damage from lightening or natural disaster; from interruption of electrical power or activation due to actual smoke, fire, or water flow from a sprinkler head with or without fire.


Anyone having questions regarding 911, Communications, or Fire Alarms is encouraged to contact the fire department at 910-424-0948 and speak with a department representative.