Cultural Arts Committee


The Cultural Arts Committee provides representation for the citizens of Hope Mills in partnership with the Town Parks and Recreational Department and the Town Board of Commissioners in promoting, encouraging, and increasing support for the town’s artistic and cultural assets as well as working to integrate arts and culture into community life.


The Cultural Arts Committee serves as an advisory body to the Town Board of Commissioners. The committee’s primary objectives will include:

• To preserve and enrich the character of the community

• To celebrate cultural history and heritage

• To broaden the role of the arts in the community

• To foster artistic creativity

• To encourage development of the Town of Hope Mills as a destination for arts and culture

• To demonstrate the significant enhancement to quality of life and economic development that public art and cultural offerings can have within the community

• To use art as a means to foster the community’s sense of spirit, pride and values

• To exhibit a range of all aspects of art and cultural activities including visual arts, performing arts, history, and social activities

• To advocate for the role and value of arts and culture in civic life

• To promote greater public participation in, and access to, arts and culture


The Committee’s work may involve the following activities:

• To provide suggestions to the town board and staff to support public art projects, cultural activities, and events

• To work with the town manager and staff to plan and program budgeted activities

• To work as an independent group with authority to solicit proposals from local artists to design and construct public art projects within the town using budgeted funds, grant funding, or other donations provided to the town

• To select works of art to add to the town’s art collection

• To work with other organizations and individuals to promote the arts and culture

• To explore methods to receive grant funding, donations, or in-kind services to match budgeted funds to complete art projects or other cultural activities and events


The committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 6 pm in the Town of Hope Mills Parks and Recreational Center. Members may also be expected to volunteer time at major festivals and events and attend public meetings and cultural arts events.

Member Criteria

The committee will be comprised of seven individuals including one town staff representative. Committee members will be selected by the Town Board of Commissioners through the application process and should have a background/experience that demonstrates a knowledge, education, or experience in the arts or designing and/or promoting cultural activities.

Individuals should have a relationship to the community either through business ownership, property ownership, residency, or through demonstrated contribution to the Town’s art and/or cultural resources. The committee may also include representatives from selected non-profit partners or educators that support arts and culture.