To report an EROSION OR SEDIMENTATION problem, call the NCDENR STOP MUD Hotline at 1-866-STOPMUD (786-7683).

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Education Programs

The Town of Hope Mills Stormwater Department is available for presentations in classroom settings. Please contact Stormwater Administrator Beth Brown by email or at 910-424-4555 ext. 3516 for more information.

Permits & Forms

Find the appropriate permits, forms, and other information needed to engage in development or construction activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Town of Hope Mills Stormwater Department strongly encourages community involvement. If you would be interested in volunteering with the Stormwater Department please call 910-424-4555 ext. 3516.


By joining the Adopt-A-Drain Program you help:

  • Prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drains free of debris.
  • Protect fish and other wildlife by keeping pollutants from entering streams, lakes and creeks.
  • Assist town staff and crews in maintaining the town's thousands of storm drains.

Get more information about how to Adopt-A-Drain.