Pollution & Litter

To report an EROSION OR SEDIMENTATION problem, call the NCDENR STOP MUD Hotline at 1-866-STOPMUD (786-7683).

Illicit Discharge of Pollutants

Hope Mills water quality can be compromised by the dumping or "illicit discharge" of pollutants into the water system. An illicit discharge is any direct or indirect non-stormwater discharge into the storm drain system other than allowable exceptions. Common illicit discharges are commercial vehicle washing, chemical pressure washing, and trash.

Report It!

Call the Town of Hope Mills Stormwater reporting hotline at 910-424-4555 ext. 3516. If no one is available, simply leave a voicemail and staff will investigate as soon as possible. If the discharge involves an emergency or immediate public health risk, please call 911 to alert emergency services first.


Learn about the Adopt-A-Drain Program offered by the town to help keep our storm drains clear and our water clean and safe.