Permits & Forms

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  2. Annual Inspection Forms
  3. BMP Documents
  4. Deed Restrictions
  5. Performance Security Forms

Stormwater Management Permit

A consultation meeting is highly recommended prior to the submittal of any Stormwater Management Plans. There is no charge for any consultation meeting. A consultation meeting is a valuable tool for the developer and design engineer as it provides an opportunity to discuss the development, the stormwater infrastructure, any potential problems and issues, and the application process prior to any actual submittals.

Step-by-Step Application Process

  1. Submit compete Stormwater Management Application Packet----A complete packet includes every item in the submittal checklist.
  2. After approval, submit a written list of work and cost estimates for each BMP. This list must be signed and sealed by a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer.
  3. Submit a performance installation security in the amount of the approved cost estimate plus 25%.
  4. Receive approved Stormwater Management Permit.
  5. Begin Construction - staff will perform spot inspections during construction
  6. Complete construction and perform final inspection.
  7. Submit Final plat with associated easements, hard copy as built plans, and Final BMP Compliance Certification and BMP Compliance Checklist forms for approval.
  8. Submit recorded final plat, recorded Operation and Maintenance Agreements with BMP plan(s), completed and sealed BMP Compliance Certification and Checklist, recorded Deed restrictions and protective covenants, and digital as-built plans.
  9. Receive final approval.
  10. 60 days after final approval is received, the developer/property owner may apply for the release of performance securities. It is the responsibility of the developer/property owner to apply for their release-the Stormwater Department will not send notice.