Message from the Mayor

Welcome to our town website, and thank you for your interest in Hope Mills. As mayor of our township, I would invite you to visit our historical mill village community and businesses and enjoy the many family resources available to all.

Our schools are some of the best in the state, not only in academics, but in extracurricular and athletic opportunities for all students as well. Our youth programs are exemplary because of our town's Parks and Recreation Department partnership with our county schools in sharing facilities and programs. Our library, walking path, and community center are conveniently located for a variety of uses by our citizens.

Safety and security is a top priority-we are proud of our Fire and Police Departments along with the support our town government appropriates to promote their services.

Our rapid growth has brought new shopping areas, a state of the art theatre facility, restaurants, and businesses to meet the demands of more citizens. The addition of the new business expansion has also added jobs and extensive culture for our community.

I encourage you to take a close look at our small town if you are relocating to our area. I am proud to say we continue to work together and enjoy the benefits of a small town while having the resources available of a large municipality.

Hope Mills, not by mere coincidence, puts "Hope" as a high priority for our citizens, whom we still identify as neighbors. Please feel free to join us at any occasion.

I am proud to be the Mayor of Hope Mills!

Jackie Warner

Mayor Warner