Adopt-A-Drain Program

Volunteer Today

Do you want to help the town reduce flooding and stormwater pollution? Do you want to join volunteers across the town who are helping to care for our 3000+ storm drains, a critical part of our utility infrastructure?

If so, you can apply to adopt a drain and, in exchange for your care, you will receive a free storm drain cleanup kit!

How the Program Works

Here's how it works:

  • You let us know what drain you want to adopt.
  • If the drain is a part of the public stormwater system and has not already been adopted, we will assign it to you.
  • We will give you free storm drain clean up kit.
  • You agree to simply keep the debris off your adopted drain. Check it frequently, especially after storms.

Protect the Town from Floods & Water Pollution

By joining the Adopt-A-Drain Program you help:

  • Prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drains free of debris.
  • Protect fish and other wildlife by keeping pollutants from entering streams, lakes and creeks.
  • Assist Town staff and crews in maintaining the Town's thousands of storm drains.

How to Adopt a Drain in Your Neighborhood

Complete the application (PDF) and waiver (PDF) and return to:
Town of Hope Mills
Stormwater Department
5770 Rockfish Road
Hope Mills, NC 28348


If you have questions regarding this program, contact Beth Brown by email with the Stormwater Department, or call 910-424-4555 ext. 3516. Help us keep our waters clean!